• Lifetime cover
  • Up to £10,000 veterinary fees per year
  • Dental treatment for accident and illness
  • Complementary therapy
  • Travel cover
  • No upper age limit
  • Third party liability
  • Claims paid direct to veterinary practice

Care and advice for your pets this Spring


Don't do too much, too often. Your dog is like us, they need exercise, but their fitness also need building up if they've been less active over winter. Ease into the longer walks as the season progresses. Your dog will become healthier for it and won't suffer any injuries as a result.


It is important that you keep your dog on a lead when in fields that may have livestock at this time of year. There is a good chance that there will be young animals such as lambs. Birds such as pheasants and swans also nest on the ground and can be easily disturbed by your dog.


Most dogs become more active at this time of year, so make sure they're microchipped and wear a collar with your details on it as this has been a legal requirement since 2016 and if they go missing when off the leash then they can be found easier.


As previously mentioned, your dog will probably become more active at this time of year and spend more time in your garden. Check your fencing and gates are secure. This will prevent your dog escaping or even being stolen. Also be more mindful of garden treatments, slug pellets are extremely tasty to your dog; however, they are also very toxic and can have fatal results so avoid using them in your garden.


Your dog can contract lungworm by eating slugs and snails, or from drinking water for a bowl where a slug or a snail has been. Clean water bowls regularly and don't leave any of your dog’s items outside at night.



Cats often become a lot more active in Spring and this can lead to them traveling further and becoming more adventurous. Your Cat should be microchipped with your contact details to avoid it becoming lost. If you've recently moved home then you should also update your details for the microchip too as this is often overlooked.

Bell Collars

At this time of year you'll find birds are nesting, and fledglings can be very easy prey for cats. By placing a safety collar with a bell on your cat, you'll help alert any birds of their potential predator.


Cats aren't always hunting birds and mice. In fact, there are many other dangers that your cat can face in Spring from other animals, such as foxes and badgers. They will be protecting their young and new born from various predators. Check your cat regularly for any injuries in case they run into trouble.


We all love to get into the garden at this time of year. As the sun comes out and the temperatures make caring for your plants more agreeable, you'll find that nature starts to take hold and other animals, pests and weeds begin to emerge. Be careful how you deal with this. Many weed and pest control treatments such as slug pellets are tasty to cats, but have fatal results.