• Lifetime cover
  • Up to £4,000 veterinary fees per year
  • Dental treatment for accident and illness
  • Complementary therapy
  • Travel cover
  • Death Benefit
  • No upper age limit
  • Third party liability
  • Claims paid direct to veterinary practice

Customer reviews

Insured with lifetime cover over this age and premium is much lower than I was paying before

8 August 2017

5 stars

Good service and competitive prices

31 July 2017

4 stars

Excellent, uncomplicated process

17 July 2017

5 stars

LPC website very easy to navigate, very competitive prices for lifetime, read the reviews and was impressed. 

11 July 2017

Sarah Fraser
5 stars

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We believe lifetime cover is the best type of pet insurance. It is the most comprehensive form of pet insurance and offers vet fees cover up to a maximum amount, which is reinstated each year. This means that if your pet develops a long term chronic illness such as diabetes or an ongoing skin condition, provided it didn’t pre-date the policy, this will be covered for the rest of your pet’s life. At Lifetime Pet Cover we want the best for you and your pet, so we only offer Lifetime Pet Insurance Policies.

tick Did you know that if you make a claim on a non-lifetime/time limited policy, you won’t get cover for that same condition the following year?
tick Many insurers will not cover your pet for that condition if you have made previous claims. That means you can be left with huge bills and a sick animal at home.
tick As long as you haven’t claimed for the condition for 24 months, we will still provide Lifetime Cover for your pet (subject to terms and conditions)
tick As long as you pay us your policy premium, we will continue to cover the agreed level of veterinary medical bills regardless of how long an illness or condition lasts. That gives you real peace of mind.

Choosing insurance can be tricky. At Lifetime Pet Cover we want to make the process as simple as possible for you, so we promise to avoid jargon and only ever offer the best insurance cover for your pet. Why not get in touch to find out how we can help?


020 3750 0022


Customer reviews

Cheaper than previous

10 July 2016

5 stars

Good price, easy to sign up

6 July 2016

4 stars

Glad I found this excellent company

22 June 2016

John Bennett
5 stars

Helpful staff and good insurance price

6 June 2016

5 stars

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